World Mission Offering 2022


Almighty God tells the people of faith to have confidence in the One who worked mightily and miraculously in the past because God could and would act again. The former times were critical—God’s people experienced first-hand the Lord’s liberating and redemptive work in the Exodus. The great “I AM who I AM” (Exodus 3:14) assured the people that God’s new thing would eclipse the old and redefine it globally. If the Lord Almighty can save a people out of Egypt, can God rescue all people among the nations? God showed the faithful that their Savior was alive, active, capable, and ready to rescue them again.

As we receive the World Mission Offering, we are reminded of God’s great work through International Ministries in the past: two centuries of calling, commissioning, supporting, and sending thousands of missionaries into God’s world for redemptive work. We could stop as a mission agency—pause and applaud all God has done in and through us. We could retire knowing “the best is behind us.” However, the Lord has not completed the work of bringing hope, healing, liberation, and restoration to the people God loves “from every nation, from all tribes and peoples and languages” (Revelation 7:9). If God is not done, can the church be done spreading the good news of God’s love among us?

Check out this message about the World Mission Offering by Rev. Sharon Koh, Executive Director/CEO of International Ministries (IM).

The following video about the work in Bolivia and Mexico gives us a glimpse into the ministries of IM Global Servants J.D. & Rhonda Reed and Sarah Matos as they work to help provide medical clinics for underserved communities and theological training for Christian leaders in rapidly growing churches.

The WMO offering will be collected at First Baptist, Marion, IA, during the month of October. The Outreach committee has set a goal of $800.

Your gifts can be brought to the church through October 30. Mark “WMO” on your check. Also, you can give online via our church’s e-giving platform by clicking on this button and selecting WMO on the “To:” pulldown.

Your participation in the World Mission Offering will help our global servants and partners to work cross-culturally to invite people to become disciples of Jesus Christ and to proclaim, through both word and deed, God’s reign of justice, peace, and abundant life for all creation. Thank you.

God can use your participation not only to change lives internationally, but also to deepen your own discipleship in Christ. You can take part in what the Holy Spirit is doing to bring God’s kingdom “on earth as it is in heaven.”