World Mission Offering 2020

This year’s theme:

As noted in the graphic above, this year’s World Mission Offering theme is “I once was blind, but now I see.” That was the response of the blind man at Bethsaida who Jesus healed (see Mark 8:22-25). Similarly, may our eyes be opened to seeing God at work in so many hopeful and encouraging ways through the global servants and global partners of the American Baptist’s international ministries (IM).

This year’s focus:

For the World Mission Offering in 2020, highlighted are the Ministry Priorities of Discipleship, Theological Education, Peace and Justice, Education, Health and Wellness, and Economic Development. While these represent only a fraction of IM’s ministries, they provide a window into what God is doing worldwide through our 125 global servants, 900+ volunteers, home staff, and 250+ international partners.

International Ministries’ global servants, staff, and volunteers work cross-culturally to invite people to become disciples of Jesus. This involves leading individuals toward making an initial life commitment to Christ, and then supporting the ongoing transformation of individuals and communities by “proclaiming through word and deed God’s reign of justice, peace, and abundant life for all creation.” IM’s ministries touch whole persons and whole communities, engaging body and spirit, toward the wholeness that comes from fullness of life in Christ.

Check out this short video by the executive director of IM.

The WMO offering will be collected at First Baptist, Marion, IA, during the month of October. The Outreach committee has set a goal of $800.

You can give online through our church’s e-giving platform by clicking on this button and selecting WMO on the “To:” pulldown.

Your participation now more than ever will help global servants and partners rebuild and re-establish ministries affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and crisis. Thank you.