outreach_10490cpFirst Baptist Marion is affiliated with the Mid-American Baptist Churches and the American Baptist Churches USA. American Baptists are a people of faith and a people in mission. American Baptist congregations are called by God through Jesus Christ to be communities of faith – empowered by the Holy Spirit to live as witnesses and agents of God’s love and justice in the church and in the world; vital in worship; dynamic in proclamation; effective in teaching; loving in fellowship; and compassionate in service.

Mission Statement
The mission of First Baptist Marion is to declare the Good News of Jesus Christ to all people and to encourage each other in a personal relationship with Him.

“Mission” is a wide-ranging concept. It implies all the varied work we undertake as individuals, church and organization in applying our faith and in sharing the Gospel message with others. Mission is an awesome invitation, responsibility and endeavor that can never be exhausted. We undertake it realizing that only with God’s help can the immense task of Christian mission be accomplished.

The mission of First Baptist Marion is implemented as specific ministries for our church family as well as various outreach ministries (described in the following section).

Our Outreach Ministries
The 29th Street Mission outreach ministry is provided within our building. Details are provided on this page: https://www.fbcmarionia.org/pantry/

The ministries of our regional Mid-American Baptist Church office in Des Moines, IA, is financially supported by our giving to the United Missions Basic fund.

During the year we participate in four special offerings that support local and national ministries and missionaries as administered by the American Baptist Churches USA. Those offerings are:work8c

  • America for Christ – the American Baptist response to the needs of home missions within and beyond our local congregation,
  • One Great Hour of Sharing – the American Baptist response to worldwide disaster relief and development in cooperation with other denominations,
  • World Mission – the American Baptist response to the needs of international missions, and
  • Retired Ministers and Missionaries – the American Baptist thank you to – and response to emergency needs of – retired ministers and missionaries, and surviving spouses.