One Great Hour of Sharing 2021

 “Nobody hungry, nobody thirsty,
shade from the sun, shelter from the wind,
For the Compassionate One guides them,
takes them to the best springs.”
– Isaiah 49:10

One Great Hour of Sharing (OGHS) supports disaster relief, development projects, and refugee ministries of the American Baptist Churches and its partners.

The challenges of COVID-19 are not yet behind us. For many, the emotional and financial impact of COVID-19 will weigh heavy on hearts and in homes for months, and even years, to come. As you give to One Great Hour of Sharing this year, remember your generosity of the past and prayerfully consider how God is calling you to respond this year

The OGHS offering will be collected at First Baptist, Marion, IA, during the month of June. You can give online through our church by clicking on this button and selecting OGHS on the “To:” pulldown.


OGHS is a tangible way American Baptists provide for the human needs of our world:
The offering provides:
Emergency relief available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for urgent or acute needs brought about by disasters of natural or human origin;
Development projects focused on meeting chronic human need by enabling individuals or groups to establish or maintain a more adequate quality of life; and
Refugee and immigration ministries focused on holistic ministry to immigrants, refugees, and migrants in detention facilities and refugee camps.

To date, One Great Hour of Sharing has provided over $537,000 in emergency COVID-19 grants to churches and partners in the U.S. and Puerto Rico and around the world. These grants are a pouring out of your love to communities in need—they have indeed “Let Love Flow”—literally all around the world!

In addition to emergency relief, One Great Hour of Sharing provided funds for development projects — projects which address chronic need. Projects include the provision of clean water via wells. Wells significantly increase the prosperity of a community AND allow for women and children, especially, to participate in education, work outside their home, and rest! When water comes to a village, everything changes. It touches every area of life—literally and figuratively! Having clean water close by means that when women in Nicaragua don’t have to spend their whole day walking to the source, they might have other opportunities for learning or vocational growth. Children in Kenya no longer spend their days carrying heavy buckets, but instead they can go to school. Improved sanitation slows the spread of disease, so there is less preventable illness. Crops thrive in Vietnam, meaning that food security and nutrition improve in the whole community. Families can spend more time together. 

Check out this short video “Let Love Flow”.

How OGHS funds were used in 2020
Click on the following document link to download a 3-page report on how funds were used for emergency relief and development projects in 2020.


Did You Know?
This offering began seventy-two years ago in response to the devastation of World War II. In March 1949, a national broadcast on a Saturday evening asked Americans to give generously the next morning in their churches. A remarkable assembly of national leaders and celebrities gave their efforts to the broadcast, and more than 75,000 churches responded the next day.

Today, One Great Hour of Sharing serves people in over 80 countries around the world. Sponsored by eight Christian U.S. denominations and Church World Service, One Great Hour of Sharing makes sure that we can respond to needs as soon as they happen and that tens of thousands of people receive support for ongoing relief, rehabilitation, and development.