America for Christ Offering 2022

“I will praise you and testify about what you have done.” Psalm 22:22

In Psalm 22:22, the psalmist tells of God’s many acts of deliverance and rescue in tumultuous times. We are stirred and inspired to praise God for all the wonders that God is performing in our lives.

Thanks to America for Christ (AFC) Offering contributions, American Baptist Home Mission Societies (ABHMS) supported communities distressed by the devastation of COVID-19 last year, as the pandemic swept our country and Puerto Rico. We also helped families who lost homes to floods, wildfires and storms, along with children living on the edge because of poverty, and seminarians preparing to devote their lives to sharing the Good News. These are just a few of the ways we minister to those in need; there are many more.

It is up to us to answer God’s call to help and to heal. Our American Baptist partners are faithfully serving in congregations and communities with helping ministries and creative responses to the diverse needs in their local contexts, whether helping innocent children living in conditions of poverty, assisting a family that is being evicted, providing food and shelter to the homeless man pushing all his belongings in a shopping cart, and so many others who are hurting and lost.

Your generous giving to AFC supports the ABHMS mission of connecting our partners to cultivate leaders and equip disciples who bring healing and transformation to communities across our nation and Puerto Rico. Your contributions share God’s love by:

  • Cultivating Leaders — Strong leaders advance the mission of faith communities.
  • Equipping Disciples — Broadening the understanding of what it means to be a follower of Jesus.
  • Healing Communities — We believe the power of Christian love can—and will—change the world.

The AFC offering is being collected at First Baptist, Marion, IA, during March 2022. The goal is $800. AFC offering envelopes are available in the church pews. You can give online through our church’s e-giving tool by clicking on this button and selecting AFC on the “To:” pulldown.

Please consider your gift to the America for Christ offering as we engage in transformational mission to bring God’s love and light into the hearts of people everywhere.

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